“Nothing really happens on its own. You call things to happen to you.”

Originally published in The Harvard Political Review

Image Credit: Antoine Gouiffes Yan

Anggun is an Indonesian-French singer-songwriter and TV personality who has been performing music since the age of seven. Her first international album, “Snow on the Sahara” (1997), and her six studio albums to follow have throned her as the Asian artist with the…

“If my introduction to film was for the sake of self-therapy, I’ve now been thinking about how I can make films for others.”

Photo Courtesy: The New York Times, “Tiger and Ox”

I first encountered Seunghee Kim’s work in her latest piece for The New York Times, Tiger and Ox, a riveting op-doc about her relationship with her mother, aptly represented by a tough-headed tiger bashing heads with an introspective ox. …

“After all, how many Asian dads — when at church or golfing — can proudly say that their son has won two Grammy Awards?”

Photo Courtesy of David Yungin Kim

David Yungin Kim is a multi-platinum, two-time Grammy-winning audio engineer from LA. His work for the late Nipsey Hussle on “Racks in the Middle” and Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” has landed him two Grammy Awards. …

“My YouTube channel is essentially my journey to becoming a better person.”

Photo Courtesy of Jay Yeon (JAYKEEOUT x VWVB)

I met up with Jay inside a bustling local brunch cafe overlooking the Han River, just days after Covid-19 social distancing restrictions were lifted in Seoul. He sat across a wooden table, having already ordered an iced coffee, clad in an oversized shirt that matched his enthusiasm.

Both of us…

“I felt compelled to play and replicate each of these instruments — Eastern, Western, Hawaiian — with only my voice.”

Jason Tom Art After Dark Photo Credit: Joe Marquez

Jason Tom is an American beatboxer and slam poet who has represented Hawaii at the sixth International Human Beatbox Convention and the first and fifth American Beatbox Championship in Brooklyn. He received the Hawaii Scene Choice Award for Best Solo Human Beatbox Performer, TEDx Presenter Award for his “Vocal Groove”…

HarvardWood Alumni Profile

Originally published in Harvardwood [October 1, 2020]

Photo Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Kenneth S. Williams AB ’78 began our hour-long conversation with a flip-side marketing pitch on why film school students should consider returning to a virtual fall: having a firm grasp of collaborative software solutions and non-in-person digital tools could well-position a job-market candidate…

““Yellow Rose is a story of perseverance. Rose is almost as old as the film took to make by the time I made it — almost 17 years old.”

Diane Paragas is a Filipino-American documentary and narrative film director who produced the 2011 documentary, “Brooklyn Boheme,” a portrait of the Black arts movement in Fort Greene during the mid 1980s through the 90s. …

Woojin Lim

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