Foreword to the “Foreword to #12”

“Nothing really happens on its own. You call things to happen to you.”

Image Credit: Antoine Gouiffes Yan

“If my introduction to film was for the sake of self-therapy, I’ve now been thinking about how I can make films for others.”

Photo Courtesy: The New York Times, “Tiger and Ox”

“After all, how many Asian dads — when at church or golfing — can proudly say that their son has won two Grammy Awards?”

Photo Courtesy of David Yungin Kim

“My YouTube channel is essentially my journey to becoming a better person.”

Photo Courtesy of Jay Yeon (JAYKEEOUT x VWVB)

“I felt compelled to play and replicate each of these instruments — Eastern, Western, Hawaiian — with only my voice.”

Jason Tom Art After Dark Photo Credit: Joe Marquez

“As classical musicians, we don’t lip sync. We don’t have fancy smoke machines. We’re delivering it live every single night.”

Image Credit: opus3artists

Image Credit: Photo by Gareth Smit (2014)

HarvardWood Alumni Profile

Photo Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

““Yellow Rose is a story of perseverance. Rose is almost as old as the film took to make by the time I made it — almost 17 years old.”

Woojin Lim

Harvard | arts & film reviewer, philosophy-themed columnist, in search of new conversations | Twitter @limowooj

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